🚚 Unbelievable Escape: Trucker unharmed in dramatic bridge rescue!

🚚 Unbelievable Escape: Trucker unharmed in dramatic bridge rescue!

A driver dangled 100-feet above the Ohio river for more than an hour before being rescued following a multi-car crash this weekend. First responders deployed their training to pull her from the wreckage. Hard to imagine what she was thinking being in such a precarious position. Glad it ended on a positive note.

You can read the details of the daring rescue in the Good Day / Bad Day section.

March is Women's History Month and we will be focusing our coverage each week on women in fleet. Please let us know if anyone in your business has recently received recognition. I'd love to hear about her!

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🚚 Big news: The FMCSA is injecting $180M into commercial fleet safety
⚖️ A legal shake-up: Alabama court challenges the Corporate Transparency Act
🚺 Push for diversity: Women in Trucking spearheads change
💰 Convoy's crash: Carriers face unpaid bills amid legal tangles
💡 Unpacking the dos and don'ts post-collision

Fleet renewal prospects brighten amid supply chain recovery

It’s been four years since pandemic restrictions uprooted supply chains across the world, and the automotive industry is still recovering. Business as usual still hasn’t returned to most fleets, with extended lead times for new orders and a shortage of technicians to work on an ageing vehicle population.

With some economic stability on the horizon, is now a good time to renew your fleet? The outlook is improving. New vehicles are taking less time to deliver, dealer inventories are increasing and discounts have returned too, while used values are also getting back to normal. With softening demand from private buyers, savvy fleets can get a good deal.

Consider your options. Supply hasn’t improved across the board, yet. Availability in some segments - such as cargo vans and medium-duty trucks - is still lagging, while the smallest vans are no longer available new. Used vehicles, other manufacturers or repurposed passenger cars could all cut wait times and save money.

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The FMCSA has allocated $180M to support programs that improve the safety and cost-efficiency of commercial vehicle fleets. Grant funding will target better management systems, reducing accident hotspots and enhanced training for drivers and enforcement agencies. Applications are open until April 19.



A driver was suspended from the side of a bridge in Louisville, Kentucky, after a four-vehicle crash resulted in her truck smashing through the guardrails. Witnesses said the incident was caused by a car stalling and swerving across lanes - luckily, the trucker was rescued from the cab unharmed.

New York Times

Alabama court challenges Corporate Transparency Act enforcement

An Alabama Court has ruled that the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) is “unconstitutional”, permanently blocking enforcement for two plaintiffs and potentially setting a precedent for other cases to come forward.

Small businesses, including owner-operators, are currently required to complete an online form identifying who owns or controls the operation by the end of 2024. The lawsuit, filed by the National Small Business Association and one of its members, alleged that this could cause confusion, leading to large fines and jail time for those who don’t comply.

Overdrive Online

🚺 Freight sector aims to attract more women drivers

Still a male-dominated industry - 87.9% of truckers are men - how can the freight sector attract female drivers? Just over one year into the role, Jennifer Hendrick, appointed president and CEO of Women in Trucking, outlines the challenges and opportunities ahead, and how the organization is working towards a safer and more welcoming environment for an increasingly gender-diverse workforce.

Truckers News

Carriers face unpaid invoices after Convoy's collapse

Convoy’s unexpected collapse last year left carriers with millions in unpaid invoices, and many are still unpaid. As lawyers unpick the wording of contracts to decide who is liable, high-profile court cases are starting to suggest the buck will stop with shippers - or venture capital firm Hercules, which acquired the broker’s assets. Affected carriers are being advised to hold onto all documents to support future claims.

Overdrive Online

Quote of the Day:

"FMCSA’s core mission is safety. That’s a big job, and it’s one we cannot do alone. This grant funding is one way we bring in safety partners to help reduce crashes involving large trucks and buses. We are proud to support the critical CMV safety work happening across the country.”

Sue Lawless, acting deputy administrator, FMCSA

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