🚚 Trucking & Mental Health: Navigating Together

🚚 Trucking & Mental Health: Navigating Together

How are you, Insiders?

We're veering slightly off our usual route to talk about something in today's featured article that affects the heart and soul of fleets: the mental health of drivers. In the hustle of deadlines and deliveries, it's easy to overlook, but did you know depression rates in the industry are hitting as high as 25%?

That's a wake-up call we can't ignore. As the backbone of small to mid-size fleets, you play a crucial role in steering this conversation in the right direction.

Before we dive deeper, a quick note: The Inside Lane will be hitting the road next week to attend the TMC's Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in New Orleans. We’re gearing up to bring back the latest insights and innovations that could revolutionize your daily operations. Stay tuned!

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🚚 FedEx debates the price of rest rules with FMCSA

On the Road but Not Alone: Navigating Mental Health in Trucking

The life of a long-haul trucker: vast open roads, the solitude of the cab, and the constant push against the clock. It's not just about logistics and deadlines; it’s a test of mental endurance. With depression rates hitting 26% in the industry, it's clear that the mental load is heavy.

But what does depression look like? It's not always the stereotypical sadness. Watch out for the less obvious signs: unshakeable fatigue, a sense of worthlessness, guilt, shifts in appetite, or disturbed sleep. These are the red flags waving from the sidelines.

Speaking up is where healing starts. The industry is rich with support networks ready to extend a hand. But the first step? Breaking the silence. Sharing your story, or simply lending an ear to a fellow driver, could help. Remember, in the vastness of the open road, you're never truly alone.

If you or someone you know needs immediate help, dial 988 anytime.

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A Bosch study has shown a positive public attitudes towards artificial intelligence, with 66% of U.S. respondents saying it will be the most influential technological change over the next ten years. Increased safety (62%) and fuel efficiency (52%) were listed as the key mobility-related benefits listed by Americans.

International Fleet World


Chinese carmakers will face increased scrutiny from the U.S. government, which is assessing whether they are a threat to national security. The investigation will look at whether vehicles can record and transmit sensitive data, or be controlled remotely, and follows rumors of import tariffs last December. Any restrictions would curb the rate of imports seen in other markets.


Truckers face rate cuts, hold optimism for recovery

A massive 79% of truckers are claiming a reduction in freight rates during 2023, according to the OOIDA Foundation’s latest annual survey, but many are optimistic about a recovery this year.

However, the effects vary. Owner-operators saw the steepest drop in pay-per-mile rates last year (15%) but still have the highest rates in the industry. Company drivers’ pay declined by 11%, while their overall pay fell 18%. Members reported frustrations with slipping schedules and detention times, but a reduction in operating costs.

Land Line

Yellow Corp's assets to be auctioned, starting March 5

Almost 3,000 tractors and trailers from bankrupt LTL carrier Yellow Corp will go under the hammer next week, at the first of four auctions for the company’s rolling stock.

The March 5 auction includes 712 truck trailers, many of which are 2022/23 models bought using the Covid recovery loans which were only recently paid off, as well as 2,193 trailers and 154 terminals. Further sales are planned for March 26, April 16 and May 7.

Transport Topics

FMCSA examines detention time impacts, calls for feedback

The FMCSA has begun a study hoping to highlight the cost and safety implications of detention time, where drivers are kept waiting at shipping or receiving facilities due to delays with their cargo. Operators are being asked to submit data from ELDs and telematics systems, safety records and dispatching systems, with a March 18 deadline for feedback.


Quote of the Day:

“China's policies could flood our market with its vehicles, posing risks to our national security. I’m not going to let that happen on my watch.”

President Joe Biden

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