🚚 Safeguard your fleet from nuclear verdict impacts

🚚 Safeguard your fleet from nuclear verdict impacts

We're unpacking safety and litigation today, Insiders.

Robust safety training can do more for your fleet than you may expect; it could save your company millions in this era of mega money lawsuits.

Today's featured article dives into how to shield your fleet from litigation and sidestep the growing threat of nuclear verdicts, with lawsuits now frequently exceeding the $10M mark.

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By the way, I heard from quite a few of our Insiders yesterday about the parking issue. Lots of great insights from the road. Keep it coming!

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Could mega money lawsuits be a threat to the industry?

Truck fleets will be all-too-aware of the rise in nuclear verdicts - lawsuits of more than $10M - and the threat these pose to their business. However, even small-scale litigation is disruptive, and it’s vital that operators can robustly prove that safety is a number one priority in court if the worst happens.

What does good driver training look like? Don’t treat it like a tick-box exercise. Training should be regular, accessible to everyone and thorough enough to show you take it seriously.

How do you prove a safety-driven culture? Experts advise working backwards from an imaginary court case. Detailed logs are a double-edged sword - and it might be worth calling in a consultant to ensure that paperwork proves you’re at least competitive with your peers. It could be cheaper than the alternative.

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New rules from the Federal Maritime Commission will protect motor carriers - particularly port drayage truckers - from demurrage and detention bills if containers are delayed. The changes come into force from May 26, and have been welcomed by the industry.

- FreightWaves


Several large logistics companies, including Ceva, DHL Supply Chain and Hillside have announced a combined 573 layoffs spanning three states. The cuts reflect a slow freight market, as well as changing customer and consumer trends.

-Freight Waves

2025 Diesel Innovations Promise Cleaner, Efficient Fleets

Despite the push towards electrification, truck manufacturers are working hard on innovations that deliver cleaner and more efficient diesel powertrains, with further improvements due in the 2025 model year.

From slicker gearshifts and faster warm-ups, to remote monitoring and emissions improvements, keeping up with the latest developments is important if you’re renewing your fleet in the near future.

-Fleet Equipment

TSR & NWRA Launch Safety Training for SME Fleets

Together for Safer Roads (TSR) and The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) have partnered to offer safety training tailored to small-to-medium size fleets.

The FOCUS on Fleet Safety Training Program is designed to help businesses develop a safer driving culture by sharing best practice from TSR’s customers. Interested fleets in the waste and recycling sector are are being invited to apply online.

- WorkTruck Online

Ikea Sues Convoy and Others Over Unpaid Bills Post-Collapse

The fallout of digital brokerage Convoy’s collapse last October continues. Ikea is suing the business and 58 other named parties, including carriers and factoring companies, over unpaid bills. The company is facing payment demands from former suppliers despite arguing that this goes against its contract with Convoy.

-Overdrive Online

Quote of the Day:

“ChatGPT is at an inflection point. The ability to train an expert and have that expert reason logically about your data is completely game-changing in my mind.”

  • Neil Cawse, founder and CEO, Geotab

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