Could proposed CDL reforms affect safety?

Could proposed CDL reforms affect safety?

Insiders, The OOIDA has a lot to say about the FMCSA's proposed changes to CDL regulations and raised important questions about safety in a letter to the agency.

The FMCSA suggests modifications aimed at streamlining the process for CDL applicants, but the OOIDA counters, advocating for stricter training standards to ensure road safety. What are the implications of these proposed changes for the trucking industry and for public safety? Why isn't safety the top priority in these proposals? Or is it?

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🚚 NMFTA updates eBOL standard for efficiency, reduces errors
🚛 College Station bans truck parking despite nationwide shortage
🛣️ OOIDA opposes FMCSA's driver license reforms
💰 Lawmakers debate capping commercial vehicle accident damages
📉 Class 8 truck orders down 9.9% in March

Are fleet operations doing enough to leverage AI innovations?
Artificial intelligence is finding applications across a wide range of industries, and it’s likely to benefit fleets, too. Suppliers are already rolling out AI-enabled solutions or adding features to existing systems, and leveraging those capabilities early could provide a competitive advantage.

How is AI benefitting fleets?
It’s providing data analysis on an unprecedented scale. Feed an AI tool the right information, and it could optimize your entire operation - including optimizing loads and routes, enabling predictive maintenance and even improving safety. A win, win win.

What are the pitfalls?
It’s still an emerging technology, which means some applications are open to legal, privacy and bias-related issues. It’s worth working with your supplier to understand the capabilities, and navigate the potential headaches.

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The NMFTA has updated its electronic bill of lading (eBOL) standard, having listened to industry feedback. Already adopted by “dozens” of stakeholders, the standard is designed to reduce errors and offer more efficiency by digitalizing traditionally paper-based processes.



Councilmembers in College Station, Texas, have voted in favor of a city-wide truck and trailer parking ban, despite carriers facing a nationwide shortage. The city had previously barred on-street parking on a location-by-location basis.


OOIDA Slams FMCSA's CDL Reform Proposal

OOIDA has responded to the FMCSA’s proposed commercial drivers’ license reforms, arguing that there is no shortage of truckers and no justification to make the process easier. Proposals put forward in February include allowing out-of-state testing, enabling learners to drive unsupervised after passing the skills test, reducing waiting times and utilizing third-party examiners and testers. OOIDA said rigorous training is vital for safer roads.

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States split on commercial vehicle accident damages caps

Lawmakers remain divided about capping non-economic damages for commercial motor vehicle accidents, with two states recently taking opposing stances on the issue. West Virginia has signed a $5 million cap into law, while Wisconsin has vetoed a bill which would have limited claims to $1 million. Verdicts over $1 million increased by 867% between 2010 and 2018, according to the ATRI.

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Port of Virginia contingency plans to aid truckers

The Port of Virginia is putting contingency plans in place for Maryland-based truckers affected by the Baltimore bridge collapse. Facilities are opening an hour earlier to accommodate longer-distance hauls, there’s extra support to help carriers integrate their data with its reservation system, and operations are being adapted to suit additional roll-on/roll-off vessel traffic.

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Quote of the Day:

“We question the agency’s proposal amending CDL regulations that would weaken driver training standards and fail to improve highway safety. FMCSA should be finding ways to bolster training requirements, not dilute them.”

  • Todd Spencer, OOIDA President

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