🚛 America's Truck Parking Crisis

🚛 America's Truck Parking Crisis

Insiders, How severe is the truck parking issue?

We take a look at America's truck parking crisis in today's featured article, an Inside Lane exclusive, that uncovers the layers of this escalating issue. We talk to real drivers about the real parking problems they encounter on the road and look into what's being done about it.

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Inside Lane Exclusive: America's Truck Parking Crisis

The trucking industry grapples with a significant parking shortage, posing safety risks and extending drivers' workdays. Todd Spencer, representing OOIDA, highlights the worsening issue over 25 years, affecting 150,000 drivers.

Will legislation provide relief? Efforts like the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act fall short, but the Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act promises some hope with $755 million over three years for parking facilities.

Can technology fill the gap? While technology aids in locating spots, Spencer emphasizes the necessity of creating more spaces to truly address the crisis, underscoring the urgency for actionable solutions. If there aren't enough space, the technology is moot.

Dive into the details in The Inside Lane.


A variable speed limit trial in Ohio has cut accident rates by 35% since it was introduced in 2017, according to the state DOT. The 70mph highway limit is reduced in adverse weather, and results show an even bigger effect on the most serious collisions. Fatal crashes have more than halved.

-Automotive Fleet


A major outage of AT&T’s cellular network has impacted critical fleet management technology used by carriers. Several suppliers warned that ELD systems use cellular connections to share locations, messages and dispatch information. Any unlogged time as a result of the outages will have to be accounted for.

-Freight Waves

Flexport relaunches digital brokerage platform Convoy

Flexport has reactivated the Convoy digital brokerage platform, four months after after acquiring the assets from the now-defunct tech startup.

The platform is designed to enable more efficient freight, linking Flexport’s global shippers with small fleets and owner-operators. Users can book or bid on loads, manage paperwork and track assets, and fraud detection features will be added before the summer.

-Trucking Info

Real Women in Trucking pressures FMCSA for harassment protection

Real Women in Trucking (RWIT) has criticized the FMCSA for not moving quickly enough to protect female drivers from sexual harassment and assault.

The FMCSA has just launched a second study, hoping to understand the scale of the problem and introduce countermeasures. RWIT has accused the association of stalling when action is needed urgently."

- Fleet Owner

Innovative safety tech could win over skeptical drivers

Although most fleets and drivers recognize the importance of safety, the tech that promises improvements hasn’t always landed well with end-users.

With insurance costs on the rise, innovative companies are finding less intrusive and more driver-friendly ways to curb accident rates - and the solutions are diverse.

-Trucking Info

Quote of the Day:

“When you have a study, you kick the can down the road, so you don’t have to deal with in. In the meantime, hundreds of women have been affected, and not just women. So that makes me very angry.”

-Desiree Wood, founder, Real Women in Trucking

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