5 Tech Tools to Improve Fleet & Driver Safety

Rising cargo theft, increased trucker harassment, and a lack of safe parking spots present challenges to fleets of all sizes – but technology can help.

5 Tech Tools to Improve Fleet & Driver Safety

Inside Lane authors' first whitepaper on fleet and driver safety.

Editor's Note

Insiders: This newsletter is quickly growing both in size and value. This week, we released Inside Lane's first authored white paper, "5 Tech Tools to Improve Fleet & Driver Safety," produced in partnership with Samsara.

This comprehensive guide tackles pressing industry challenges: escalating cargo theft, mounting trucker harassment, and the acute shortage of safe parking spots. These issues jeopardize fleets of all sizes, underscoring the urgent need for innovative solutions.

Our collaboration with Samsara has enabled us to explore how technology can not only mitigate these risks but also significantly enhance fleet and driver safety. We invite you to download the paper and discover actionable tech tools that promise a safer, more secure future for the logistics and transportation sector.

Stay safe out there,

Bianca Prieto

Editor | The Inside Lane

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